11 Fun And Engaging Online French Resources For Your Kids (2023)

Kids who are learning French are going to need motivation and activities that keep the process fun.

The French language learning journey can last several years and you’re going to need a plan to help your children through to the other side.

You might have already set up a French course for your children to follow, but what’s next?

If you’re a parent whose children are learning French, your second priority is to line up some excellent French resources to help your children and support them along the way.

I’ve put together some engaging French resources for children to ensure they’re never bored when studying the language.

Read on.

Best French resources for children

Ouino (French)

11 Fun And Engaging Online French Resources For Your Kids (1)

In my opinon, Ouino is one of the best programs available for teaching kids French at home.

Ouino comes as both installable course software (or as a mobile app), and is purposefully designed with homeschooling in mind. It’s packed with interactive French learning material that’s suitable for kids, and covers all the essential skills for French literacy and conversation.

Suitable for most ages.


An interactive gamified language learning resource that will keep your child’s attention, Duolingo is both fun and educational.

Duolingo is even available for the classroom, so if you’re a teacher, start looking into this resource to augment your resources and make the learning process fun!

The way it works is, your child will be able to dedicate 5 minutes each day to learning French through lessons that encourage, support and teach them the basics.

We said it’s gamified, which is one major advantage.

If your child makes a mistake when completing the lesson, they will lose a life. But they are always encouraged to keep studying by earning points for correct answers.

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It is a great French resource for children that focuses on all four areas required to achieve fluency — reading, writing, listening and speaking.

If you want more information, take a look at our Duolingo review for French.

I also recommend taking a look at a resource called Conjuguemos which includes French (or read this Conjuguemos review).

The French Experiment

If you’re looking for French stories and French resources for children that provide more of a variety, The French Experiment is what you’ll need.

It really is a neat website that features stories in French and in English of the more traditional style.

The range of resources offer a mixture of different lesson topics that range from ‘talking about the weather’ to ‘telling the time’ to the ‘days of the week’ — all crucial beginner themes that will help kickstart your child’s French language learning journey.

French cartoons

On a separate article, we have put together some of the top cartoons for learning French.

These cartoons are the perfect French resources for children and — yes! — they can help your children learn.

Some of the cartoons we featured on this list include Les Aventures de Tintin and Manon.

Why are French cartoons a great resource to help children learn French?

At a young age, even native French children don’t fully understand all the vocabulary, but they can understand what is happening due to the bright images and tone of voice being used by the characters.

This is why cartoons like Manon are ideal for young children who are non-native speakers.

It helps them stay engaged and learn, even if they are not experts.

Hello World

Hello World offers a whole selection of French resources for children.

From topics such as French colours to science and culture, your children will definitely never get bored of learning the language.

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You will also notice that there are plenty of games to get stuck into.

As well as tic-tac-toe, there’s also the world-famous game — bingo!

Games really are one of the best ways to help children learn.

Just like Duolingo, Hello World offers fun while teaching your children the French basics.


In French academies around the world, children are learning through music and learning to speak and listen to French effectively.

What does this mean in terms of suitable French resources for children?

Well, you’ve got a whole range of songs and memorable melodies on YouTube to help them learn.

It really is one of the most effective French resources for children available for free!

If you’re looking for the ideal channels to get memorable songs in French to help your children study, we recommend Monde des Titounis.

It is just perfect for younger learners and even babies, with a selection of music, and tales that will make sure your children will love learning French!

Language learning flashcard apps

Then, there are language learning flashcard apps that will also support what your child learns in their French course.

These apps are perfect for older children who need to expand their vocabulary.

The one we have in mind is French For Kids — Learn And Play.

This app features a selection of bright and colourful flashcards and images to boost their knowledge and memory.

There are so many topics available on the French For Kids app. If you child is struggling with French numbers, there is a specific topic for this on the app.

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You will also find topics such as the days of the week and months of the year on this app as well.

Also check out French Flashcards for Kids by EFlashApps.

Classroom French resources for children — BBC Bitesize

Teachers needn’t panic when searching for French resources for children.

There are a ton on the BBC Bitesize website!

French numbers might be a bit of a challenge, and so can learning about culture.

But thankfully, the BBC Bitesize website has a few classroom French resources for children, including classroom videos.

If you explore the BBC Bitesize resources even further, and need to teach older students between 11 and 16 you will find a section that features more in-depth topics.

Some of the topics include ‘Telling the time in French using ‘être’, and ‘Talking about what you like to do in French using the verb ‘faire’.

It provides a bit of structure in terms of the available topics and there are also a few games, such as ‘Put the words in order’.

French literature websites

There is a French resource for children that focuses on literature called Easy French Literature, and it’s ideal for older children who might need to study for an exam.

With Easy French Literature, your children will access a range of texts — all in French — that will add to their knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of the French language.

This is another one that is really suited for teachers who might need to base their lesson plans on the texts, and their students can also benefit from these texts and perfect their French reading skills.

Français Facile

The website might not seem like much, but for older students who need to get to grips with French grammar and start building their vocabulary, there’s Française Facile.

This French resource for children is packed with tests, grammatical exercises, orthographical lessons, vocabulary sheets and tools to help your students or children enhance their French understanding and even perfect the finer points of the French language.

Comprehension, verb formulas and verb tenses are at your students’ fingertips with the Français Facile website — making French language learning, well, facile!

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Some of the French resources for children on the Lasouris website include festivals of the year activities and reading tasks, educational games and digital books, all offered in French.

This site will lead you to other resources on different websites.

It is a hub that brings together the resources of French language learning resources from websites such as larecre.net, jerevise.net and classedeflorent.fr.

Explore some of these French resources for children to give their French a boost

If you’re a teacher, the resources above will help with planning.

If you’re a parent, hopefully this list is a good starting place to get your children to study. With these French resources for children at your disposal, your kids will have some top-notch French resources to work through.

For very young children, cartoons, music and dance are all great methods to encourage them to learn.

Utilize YouTube and take a look at some of the catchy nursery rhymes (in French, of course!) to begin helping your child to learn French with ease.

Last one: I also recommend checking out the Little Pim series which includes French.

Are there any other French language resources for children that you’d like featured here?

Add them in the comments!

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