15 Amazing Youtube Channels To Help You Learn Italian (2023)

Do you want to learn Italian with Youtube?

There are many ways to learn Italian. But with so many options out there, which one should you pick?

Youtube has been around for a while now, and since its launch, people have been posting videos in all kinds of languages, which makes it perfect for any language learner.


Why learn Italian with Youtube

It’s free

Language learning is great and all, but nobody wants to spend a lot of money.

Thankfully, Youtube is still free to access for everyone, even if you do have to watch the occasional ad and close that free trial pop-up.

Pick up what you like

One of the best things about Youtube as a platform is that the amount of content on there is limitless. You can find pretty much any language and every genre on there.

Vloggers, make-up tutorials, animation, drawing tutorials, fashion advice, travel videos, true crime stories, movie analysis, gaming streams and even specified language learning channels.

Whatever it is you are into, you can find it on Youtube and you can find it in your target language.

Real speech

Instead of carefully written language learning podcasts or scripted movies, many Youtube channels are a great representation of what native people sound like when they speak freely or interact with each other. This can be daunting at first, but it is great practice and with the visuals accompanying the sound, it can be a great way to get your language skills to the next level.

Closed captions and playback speed

Some channels offer closed captions with their videos, which makes it a perfect way to practice both your speech and reading skills. It can also help if you aren’t sure what they just said.

Beyond that, you can adjust the playback speed to match your level. Start out slower, and slowly work your way up to real-time speech, or even faster to train your ears.

Cultural immersion

The internet has made worlds that were previously hard to get into easily accessible.

Where you used to have to live in the country of your target language in order to get a peek into the daily lives of native speakers, you can now find thousands of vloggers capturing and explaining their every move on camera.

This makes it a brilliant way to immerse yourself into the culture of your target language. Not only that, but following popular Youtubers might give you something to talk about with native speakers when you do meet them.

It’s fun

One of the most underrated language learning strategies is to make something fun! So many people think learning a language is all about late nights grammar studies and vocab drills.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Language learning works best if you are actually enjoying it. This will make it easier to be consistent and get daily practice. The more you engage with your target language, the more likely you are to succeed in reaching fluency.

There are many people out there today who speak English because beyond their classroom, they interact with it on a daily basis through various sources like Youtube.

They may have had classes in school, but they wouldn’t actually speak it had it not been for the daily practice and interaction with the language.

The best part being, all these interactions didn’t feel like studying but instead felt like entertainment.

15 Amazing Youtube Channels To Help You Learn Italian (1)

How to learn a language with Youtube

Okay, so we’ve gone over the why, now let’s talk about the how.

Beyond the standard “watch videos and learn”, here are a few strategies that might help your language learning process.

1. Let your algorithm know

Find things you like and subscribe to as many channels as you can. This way, you’re Youtube algorithm will notice your new interest and recommend more videos in your target language.

If you choose to receive notifications, you will also receive little reminders to practice when an interesting video comes along.

2. Improve your pronunciation

Use the videos to try and talk along and improve your pronunciation. In vlog like videos, you can often get a good look at how people move their mouths, and try and imitate those movements.

Often we are very used to pronouncing letters a certain way, but the way a “b” or “l” is pronounced in another language might be slightly different. Pay attention, and see what you can learn.

3. Don’t forget the comments

Look at the comments, leave a comment yourself. If you see something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to leave a comment saying “hey, I am a language learner, could someone explain this to me?” or ask a native speaker what it means.

4. Share your own progress

Why not start your own channel to track your progress? You can join polyglot challenges and ask people for advice on how to improve.

5. Daily practice

If you check in on Youtube every day and make sure to watch at least one video, you can build a solid habit of language practice without feeling like you are putting in a lot of effort. Once a video is clicked, all you have to do is keep watching.

Even though you might miss stuff in the beginning, keeping up a habit like this is definitely going to show results in the long run.

6. Expand the learning

Many Youtube channels have other social media accounts as well. Look in the description and see where else you can add their content to your daily routine.

Maybe there are fan groups you can join, newsletters you can subscribe to, or even podcasts related to your favorite channels. See Youtube as a gateway to the culture of the language you are studying, and try to interact with it accordingly.

15 Channels to follow if you are learning Italian

  1. Easy Languages

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Travel & Living

Easy Languages is an international video project that helps people worldwide to learn Italian on Youtube by interviewing locals and sharing the culture of partner countries abroad.

2. Italy Made Easy

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Language learning

Manu, is an Italian linguist, polyglot, translator, etc. He is passionate about helping people learn to speak and understand the beautiful Italian language.

3. Learn Italian with Me

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Culture & Lifestyle

Luana, is a native Italian, who has traveled the world. Her love for Italy has brought her back home and she has then shared the beauty of the Italian language, the culture of Italy and their lifestyle through teaching.

4. ItalianPod101

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Category: Language Learning

ItalianPod101.com will guide you to speak, read, write and hear Italian. You’ll definitely have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking Italian from the very first lesson.

5. Lavori in Corso Genova

Level: Beginner
Category: Language Learning

This channel is for those who are grammar-focused. If you want to go deep with Italian grammar, this is the perfect channel that you should check out. It’scomprehensive and well-paced.

6. Marco Nisida

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Category: Travel & Culture

Marco is a native Italian who offers lessons at several learning levels on his YouTube channel. He has fun and entertaining lessons that cover basic words and grammar while Marco types out phrases on his screen. He takes amazing videos on his trips around Italy so if you are interested in the culture, you will love this channel.

7. Dolce Vita

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Category: Travel & Culture

TheDolce Vitachannel is aimed at tourists who are planning to visit Italy. They have some educational video series, including “100 Useful Expressions” and “Learn Italian in 30 Days”. You can start out with the basics, such as learning the months in Italian and progress to a more formal grammar lessons.

8. Italiano Automatico

Level: Intermediate
Category: Travel & Culture

This channel is for those who already understand Italian grammar and vocabulary. It has some travel videos and interviews on the street with native Italian speakers, making this a well-rounded channel for intermediate students.

9. LearnAmo


Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Travel & Education

This channel offer you lessons ranging from level A1 all the way up to C2, so beginners and intermediate learners will all find this very useful. They have fun videos that will teach you colloquial expressions and how to use split sentences. They even include some travel videos showing you around popular tourist spots like Florence.

10. Learn Italian With Lucrezia

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Travel & Lifestyle

Learn Italian with Youtube through Lucrezia, who produces lessons and vlogs on a range of topics suitable for beginners and intermediate learners. If you’re just starting out, you can watch her lessons on the numbers, days, months, and seasons in Italian. Intermediate learners can watch vlogs in which she travels around Italy and speaks to people in Italian.

11. Dino Lingo

Level: Beginner
Category: Kids

Dino Lingois the best way for you to practice Italian with your kids. These videos include colorful animations and real Italian children’s songs to make it fun and easy to learn new vocabulary.

12. Italian With Melissa La Studentessa Matta

Level: Intermediate
Category: Travel & Lifestyle

Melissa is a native English speaker who now practicing Italian for over 15 years. She doesn’t have a lot of formal lessons on this channel, but most of the videos take an immersive approach, bringing you to exciting outdoor adventures like horseback riding or visiting a vineyard. She even has a novel calledDreaming Sophiathat’s set in Italy. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to retire in Italy, this is your channel to learn Italian with Youtube!

13. One World Italiano

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Category: Culture & Lifestyle

Veronica, a native Italian, creates lessons that include fun sets and costumes, making the videos fun to watch and the lessons easy to remember. She teaches in a way where you’re expected to pick up the language from context rather than translation, so it is very important to just follow along as much as possible without relying on subtitles.

14. Sgrammaticando

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Category: Language Learning

Sgrammaticandois a channel that is focused more on grammar. This one won’t be suitable for beginners but it is great for recognizing common mistakes that even native Italian speakers make.

Use this channel to improve your understanding of formal Italian usage.

15. Wild At Earth

Level: Advanced
Category: Culture & Lifestyle

Mery is an Italian YouTuber and digital nomad. Practice your listening skills if you are tired of the formal language learning lessons. Follow Mery on her adventures in Hawaii, Tokyo, South Africa, and more. She speaks entirely in Italian. So if there is a fun way to learn Italian with Youtube, check this out as this feels like you are also traveling the world.

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