15 High Paying Careers in Art in 2022 | Salary Ranges (2023)

15 High Paying Careers in Art in 2022 | Salary Ranges (1)

If you are someone who is trying to turn your passion for art into a career, going for high-paying careers in art will be a good start for you. In this guide, we’ll go over the most popular artist jobs and careers. Keep reading to know more!

As an art student, there are several positions you can consider after graduation. If you haven’t decided in which specific area to study, knowing the average salary that art students can expect in the job market can help you steer yourself in the right direction.

In this article, we explain what an art major is and explore some of the highest-paying jobs for those with an art degree.

What Does an Art Major Study?

An art major studies an official course program to earn a fine arts or media diploma. While fine art would include fields of study such as film, painting, or sculpture, multimedia art. Which include graphic design, animation, and other similar fields.

Subjects for art students include history, painting, design, and photography. You can major in art at various institutions, including four-year universities or online. In addition, you can get everything from an art certificate to an arts doctorate.

The art studio field leaves openings as it covers a large number of subjects. For example, with an arts degree, you can become a graphic designer, animator, art critic, or textile designer.

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What Art Careers and Jobs are in Demand?

Students who specialize in the arts certainly know how to follow their muse, but what jobs can they get with their diploma after finishing college? This list of the best and highest-paying arts jobs shows that an art degree can guide you towards a profitable professional career.

If you can take advantage of your art degree to make it to the executive table, you can earn a penny. About twenty-five percent of creative services vice presidents have a bachelor’s degree in media studies, and the typical average salary for this career is six digits.

Other popular and well-paid artist jobs include fashion designers, product managers, and advertising managers.

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How to Get Art Jobs?

Graduates who complete studies in artistic disciplines acquire a versatile degree that offers a solid educational foundation means increasing valuable skills and experiences.

Earning an arts degree provides individuals with the opportunity to establish long-term, secure careers in high-tech industries.

Since most employers are looking for candidates with strong communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills, careers in art are among the candidates most appreciated by various organizations and companies.

Due to the many disciplines available to students who want to have a career in arts, the top 15 high-paying careers and jobs in arts majors will help choose the best educational path to maximize earning potential.

Not surprisingly, pairing artistic talent with STEM skills for a tech job as a user experience manager earns you a salary in the six-figure range. About ten percent of UX directors have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. So learning a little computer programming while studying art can definitely be worth it.

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What are the Highest Paying Art Jobs?

What are some high paying art jobs? If this is what you seek to know, then you have come to the right place.

An arts and humanities degree opens the door to careers in media, education, art / design and entertainment. Examine the areas of marketing and advertising for the highest paying social science jobs and consider art direction for the highest paying arts jobs.

The arts and humanities emphasize critical and analytical thinking skills, creativity and communication, skills that professionals can use in almost any industry. This article explores high-demand jobs in the humanities and high-demand art jobs in today’s market.

Here is a list of the High Paying Career in Art:

#1 Art Director

Job Description

Art directors are the executives who design and direct visual or image designs, illustrations, graphics, graphics, illustrations, and styles for productions. Most importantly, Art directors oversee the planning, conceptual design, and design of photos, advertisements, and visuals for magazines. As well as newspapers, packaging, film sets, or television productions.

They also review and approve work submitted by design and graphics staff. Equally, work closely with clients to meet artistic and stylistic needs, and submit designs for approval. As well as coordinate projects within various creative and customer service departments.

Education Requirement:

Art directors must have at least a bachelor’s degree in art, design, photography, or a related discipline combined with previous work experience to be eligible for employment.

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Many also complete a master of business administration or a master of fine arts degree to obtain employment in administrative positions.


Art directors’ incomes range from $42,840 to $163,430 per year and this makes them one of high paying careers in art.

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#2 Art Agent/Business Manager

Job Description

Basically, Art brokers and business leaders are experts in the art industry who stay on top of industry trends and represent artists to clients and prospective employers. They also value the talents of individuals or groups of artists.

In addition, Art agents and business leaders offer strategic planning to advance their clients’ careers, manage contract and payment negotiations. Equally, organize meetings with clients and employers, write contracts, organize trips, and travel arrangements.

As well as hosting direct marketing campaigns, overseeing advertising and public relations efforts, scheduling meetings, and promotional opportunities for clients. And managing the financial affairs of your clients by collecting fees, commissions, and payments.

Education Requirement:

Art agents and business leaders often complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in art history and work as artists until they acquire the work experience and talents necessary to access positions. agent.


The income of art agents and business leaders is based on commission rates ranging from 10 to 20% of the sale value of the art. Salaries generally range from $41,740 to $116,370 per year.

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#3 Art Teachers/Professor

Job Description

Art teachers offer specialized instruction and advanced art-based experience to college and university students. They plan, develop, and teach lesson plans, lesson plans, and assignments.

Also, Art teachers improve students’ knowledge and skills through teaching and evaluating progress, sit on college committees, and advise students on how to achieve and reach their goals.

In addition, high school art teachers also conduct research, propose critical reviews, analyze documents and illustrations, and publish results in scholarly articles to advance the field and stay current in the art industry.

Education Requirement for Employement:

Art teachers must complete at least a master’s degree in visual arts education or art history combined with work experience to obtain employment in two-year community colleges.

However, large colleges and universities generally prefer that applicants who complete a doctoral program be considered for employment.


Art teachers generally earn $45,370 to $88,290 per year.

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#4 Commercial Artist

Job Description

Commercial art is one of the high paying careers in art. Commercial artists are responsible for the development and creation of graphics and images used in advertising campaigns, print and online magazines, and packaging materials.

Also, commercial artists interpret basic conceptual ideas based on employer or customer descriptions and produce various drafts to meet customer needs using freehand sketches or computer design programs.

Most importantly, commercial artists work closely with clients, supervisors, and other staff to generate ideas, refine designs, and improve understanding of target markets, budget issues, planning goals, and project goals.

In addition, commercial artists can work independently as freelancers or in advertising companies, publishing houses, graphic design companies, and other organizations.

Education Requirement:

Many commercial artists are required to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in commercial art to qualify for an entry-level job.


Commercial artists generally have an annual salary of $43,980 to $85,160.

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#5 Animator

Job Description

Animators are responsible for the development, creation, and production of movies used for websites, video games, movies, and television projects. Equally, Animators use specialized computer software, computer graphics, and hand drawings to design and produce 2D and 3D animations for storyboards, models, and characters.

Animators also design ads for use on the Internet to attract and direct online visitors to various websites.

Education Requirement:

Qualification for entry-level positions as facilitators requires completion of high school level studies in artistic or computer graphics disciplines combined with work experience and strong technical skills.


Animators salary range from $45,750 to $82,860 per year.

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Salary Source

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#6 Interior Designer

Job Description

Interior designers are professionals who combine functionality, security, style and beauty to create aesthetic interior spaces. Interior designers work closely with clients to determine the goals and purpose of a project.

They also design sketches by hand or by software, select materials, and furniture, and predict that space will meet customer needs. In the same manner, they also oversee all aspects of projects to ensure time efficiency, budget constraints, and good installation.

Most importantly, Interior designers work with contractors, architects, and structural engineers to ensure spaces meet customer specifications, building codes, and inspection standards.

Many interior designers specialize in particular structures, rooms, or styles to transform spaces. Using colors, fabrics, furniture, floors, wall coverings, lighting, finishes, and other elements in offices, private homes, and public spaces.

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Education Requirement:

Interior designers must complete a bachelor’s or associate program in interior design, drawing, or computer-aided design to establish their career. Some may even complete master’s degrees for advanced positions.


Interior designers earn salaries ranges from $35,320 to $65,960 per year.

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#7 Graphic Designer

Job Description

A career as a graphic designer is one of the profitable and high paying careers in the art field. Graphic designers are the creators of graphics and other visual images for public and private organizations. They analyze customer needs, create visual images, and produce illustrations, text, animations, and promotional material used for logos, displays, ads, marketing brochures, and signage.

Most importantly, graphic designers use specialized computer programs and hand-sketched designs for online and print magazines, websites, newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

Above all, they work closely with advertising and promotion professionals, public relations specialists, marketing representatives and other members of the creative teams

Education Requirement:

Graphic designers often start at entry-level positions at the end of bachelor’s programs in fine art or graphic design.


Graphic designers have annual salaries of $33,410 to $59,410 per year.

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#8 Advertising Designer

Job Description

Advertising designers are public relations professionals who plan, develop, and produce advertisements for print and online publications. Ad designers work closely with clients to create images using creativity and visuals such as photos, animations, sounds, illustrations, and photos.

They also research target markets to ensure that their creations attract specific demographics to meet cultural, social, physical, and cognitive standards. Ad designers generally need to create and present multiple designs and sketches to clients before approving the final design.

Education Requirement:

Training to become an advertising designer requires a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, art, advertising, photography, or related disciplines.


Advertising designers’ incomes range from $33,960 to $58,400 per year.

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#9 Freelance Writer

Job Description

Freelance writers are researchers and preparers of articles, stories, books, and content for online and print publications, radio, and television. They work independently to collect information, sometimes to conduct interviews, review opinions, report facts, create content, provide technical instructions. And to also edit or review final drafts before sending them to one or more companies and organizations under contract.

Many specialize in technical writing, journalism, creative writing, and other areas of communication to establish a niche and improve employability.

Education Requirement:

Freelance writers must often complete at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism, in English or in other fields of the arts and humanities. Some freelance writing positions do not require a diploma, but do require creativity, dedication, and motivation.


Freelance writers generally earn $28,610 to $55,420 per year.

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#10 Art Gallery Dealer

Job Description

Art gallery owners are experts in the art industry who buy and sell works of art. They work closely with artists, critics, collectors, curators, auction houses, and museums in independent, autonomous companies that nurture talent, represent clients, and associate work with buyers.

In addition, art gallery dealers facilitate contact between art professionals, create sales proposals, and set standards for accreditation or membership in industry associations. They must keep up with industry trends, changes, and progress, and often contribute to market influences.

Also, art gallery owners frequently travel to international venues to attend auctions, exhibitions, and studios to buy works for galleries and collectors. Many specialize in illustrations from exclusive periods, styles, or regions.

Education Requirement:

Art gallery owners generally need to earn advanced graduate degrees in art history and gain work experience as art critics. Or art academics to gain the educational and professional experiences necessary to qualify for a job.


Art gallery owners often earn commission-based salaries with annual earnings ranging from $30,000 to $70,000.

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#11 Landscape Architects

Job Description

These architects design parks, gardens, playgrounds, green roofs, and other outdoor spaces for campuses, recreational facilities, businesses, governments, and private homes.

To do this, they meet with clients, prepare site plans and specifications, choose landscaping materials, and analyze environmental reports on the state of the land. For example, with respect to drainage and energy consumption.

Also, landscape architects design outdoor spaces for residential and commercial sites, as well as parks, airports, pavements, and gardens.

Education Requirement:

To become a landscape architect, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and a state-issued license, which generally requires the completion of an internship. All states require a landscape architect license. Although educational requirements vary from state to state, most require at least a bachelor’s degree.

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The BLS expects the number of jobs to increase by 16 percent between 2010 and 2020. The median salary was $69,360 per year for landscape architects.

#12 Fashion Designers

Job Description

These workers create original designs for new clothes, shoes, or other accessories. They draw their ideas and designs, select the fabrics and patterns used to produce the item, and the production techniques used to bring it to life, and then transform the pieces into a collection that will appeal to consumers and retailers.

Fashion design is an increasingly popular career as consumers today seek unique yet affordable clothing to showcase their individual style. If you have a design degree and a talent for clothing, this career might be the best option for you.

Education Requirement:

Most fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as fashion design or fashion marketing. Developing a solid portfolio or collection of design ideas that demonstrate your styles and technical skills can also help you win a gig without this training, as many employers rely on it to make hiring decisions.

Most fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as fashion design or fashion marketing. Employers generally seek creative candidates with technical knowledge of the clothing, accessories, or shoes production process.


Fashion Designer earn about $73,790 per year or $35.48 per hour. The average fashion designer can expect to earn $67,420, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Salary Source

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#13 Makeup Artists

Job Description

These workers can apply makeup to clients for events such as weddings, proms, or other events, or transform the faces and bodies of artists to look like any character in any period, decor, or situation.

Most importantly, they use their artistic skills to prepare actors for their roles by applying things like makeup, blush, or other makeup.

Those who specialize in stage or theater makeup have higher salaries, but many talented makeup artists have found well-paid concerts working with a celebrity.

Education Requirement:

Little formal education is required to become a makeup artist, although many complete a cosmetology program. Any makeup artist who is also a cosmetologist must be licensed. Dramatic degree programs, which generally include makeup courses on stage, can also be another entryway into the profession.


The BLS predicts that makeup artists will see a job growth rate of 7% to 10% through 2028, which is faster than average. Finally, Makeup Artists earn about $81,600 per year or $39.23 per hour.

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#14 Product Designer

Job Description

Simply put, product designers are responsible for designing an old or new consumer product. They create product specifications based on feedback from internal and external partners, design a product, and design it to completion.

Product designers also research various product creation techniques, test the functionality of a product, and improve the design of older products.

Most importantly, product designers must have strong communication and technical skills, attention to detail, and general visual design skills.

Education Requirement:

A bachelor’s degree is usually the only requirement for a career in industrial design. However, master’s degrees are increasingly widespread in the field and represent an advantage because industrial design is becoming an increasingly competitive industry.


Production Designers earns $97,162 per year.

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#15 Art Therapist

Job Description

Art therapists work with people who are struggling with mental health, addiction, behavior, or communication problems, or who are recovering from brain illness or injury.

Most importantly, therapists encourage them to use art as a way to explore and understand their feelings and find a way to move forward in their lives. It’s about using an activity that people may find easier than talking about their experiences, rather than training them as artists.

Also, art therapists work in places like schools, hospitals, prisons, and rehabilitation units, and can develop specialties like working with children or people with autism.

Education Requirement:

To become an art therapist, you will generally need a degree in art and design, or to start a career in psychology, nursing, or social work.


Art Therapist earns $48,220 per year or $23.18 per hour.

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The article above highlights some of the high paying careers in art. Do well to go through them and find the one that best suits your career goal.


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What is the highest paying art career? ›

Creative Director

What is the highest paying job for arts students? ›

10 Highest paying jobs in the arts stream in India
  • Corporate Lawyer.
  • Criminal Lawyer.
  • Civil Lawyer.
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer.
  • Judge.
12 Aug 2022

What is the best career for a creative person? ›

Best careers for creative people
  • Journalist.
  • Illustrator.
  • Copywriter.
  • Interior designer.
  • Advertising manager.
  • Makeup artist.
  • Tattoo artist.
  • Marketing manager.

Which job is best in 2022? ›

Top Jobs of 2022
RankJob titleNumber of postings per 1 million total jobs, 2022
1Registered nurse619.3
3Site reliability engineer446.1
4Real estate agent443.4
16 more rows
12 Jul 2022

Which arts degree is the best? ›

The following is a list of the best 10 degrees for artists:
  • Fine Arts. A fine arts degree gives you an education in the visual arts. ...
  • Graphic Design. ...
  • Business. ...
  • Digital Arts. ...
  • Game and Interactive Media Design. ...
  • Cinematography and Film/Video Production. ...
  • Theater Arts. ...
  • Fashion Design.

Is arts good for future? ›

Having gained knowledge in subjects like English, Political Science, Geography, History and Economics, a plethora of opportunities await Arts students. Law, Journalism, Fashion Design, Hotel Management are some of the top courses after 12th Arts that students can opt for depending on their interests.

Is art a good career? ›

In short, it is not easy being a successful fine artist (someone who makes a living by creating original, one-off pieces of art) -- but many people do succeed in supporting themselves through a combination of hard work, perseverance, and using their artistic talents and knowledge in a variety of ways to supplement ...

What is a unique job? ›

Unique jobs are typically those that require special skills, include odd or unusual responsibilities or have different work environments when compared to the average office job. Unique jobs can be found in a variety of industries and they offer an alternative to professionals who want to deviate from the norm.

How do I choose a career? ›

Use the list below to help you begin that process.
  1. Examine yourself. ...
  2. Reflect on your motivations. ...
  3. Think about your long-term goals. ...
  4. Take different self-assessment tests. ...
  5. Explore sectors. ...
  6. Explore industries. ...
  7. Seek out professional resources. ...
  8. Explore career options on your list.
16 Aug 2022

How do I find a career I love? ›

How to Find a Career You Love
  1. Take inventory of your skillsets and abilities. Identify the skills you possess and consider how you might apply your soft and hard skills in different fields. ...
  2. Consult others about potential career fields. ...
  3. Gain valuable experience. ...
  4. Be flexible in your search. ...
  5. Build a network.
18 Jan 2022

What is the most successful job? ›

Top 100 Careers
RankOccupation# of Jobs
2Registered Nurse712,900
4Computer Systems Analyst120,440
92 more rows

Can arts student get job in Google? ›

Who can apply for job in Google? Students who're pursuing, completed bachelor's degree, handful experience on any skill can get a call for interview. 10th or 12th passed students can't directly join Google.

Which government job is best for arts students? ›

List of Popular Government Jobs After 12th Arts Stream
  • National Defense Academy (NDA)
  • SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL)
  • Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
  • SSC Multi Tasking Staff (MTS)
  • SSC Stenographer (Grade C and Grade D)
  • Indian Coast Guard.
  • Forest Guard.
27 Jun 2022

How can I make money with my art? ›

7 Different Ways To Earn Money With Your Artwork
  1. Sell Original Artwork.
  2. Sell Art Prints.
  3. Sell At An Art Fair.
  4. Make use of Instagram's shop tool.
  5. Open An Etsy Store For Your Art.
  6. Offer The Option Of Commissions.
  7. Licence Your Artwork.
  8. Making Money As An Artist Is A Process.

What should I study in art school? ›

Some of the majors and concentrations you can expect to find in art schools include:
  • Architecture.
  • Art History.
  • Computer Animation.
  • Digital Arts.
  • Fashion Design.
  • Film & Cinematic Arts.
  • Game & Interactive Media.
  • Interior Design.
16 Feb 2022

Which is the best course? ›

List of Best Degree Courses In India
  • Bachelor's in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration BBA/MBA. ...
  • Bachelors in engineering and master in engineering BE/ME. ...
  • Bachelor's in computer application and Master in computer application BCA/MCA. ...
  • Bachelor's in fashion, web, or interior designing.
27 Apr 2022

Which arts course is best for future? ›

Here are the top courses after 12th arts:
  • Bachelor Of Arts (BA) ...
  • Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) ...
  • Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA) ...
  • Bachelor Of Journalism (BJ) ...
  • Bachelor Of Arts & Bachelor Of Law (B.A. L.L.B.) ...
  • Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA) ...
  • Diploma In Education (DEd) ...
  • Bachelor Of Mass Media (BMM)
23 Mar 2022

Which art subject is more important? ›

English & Literature

English and Literature have been the most in-demand subjects in the arts stream and are the reason why so many students are taking up Arts after high school.

What are the future in arts? ›

Artistic possibilities linked to social and technological evolutions are virtually unlimited, and it is very difficult to estimate what the future of art will be. There are so many concepts about what will mark our time, but only a psychic would be able to see a linear trajectory.

How many jobs are there in arts? ›

Top 10 Careers in Arts 2021
Sr. no.Top CareersExpected Starting Salary
1)Content Writer/ BloggerINR 1.5 to 6 LPA
2)SEO AnalystINR 1.5 to 4 LPA
3)Fashion / Interior DesignerINR 2 to 20 LPA
4)Creative Director/Media Manager/ JournalistINR 2 to 18 LPA
6 more rows
14 Jun 2021

What is the future of arts students? ›

B.F.A graduates can choose to be Teachers/Professors, Creative Writers, Professional Dancers/Singers/Musicians, Art Directors, Theatre/Drama Actors, and so much more. Today, Fine Arts education has become synonymous with prestige and class and considered as one of the best career options for arts students.

Is an art degree worth it? ›

The median salary for arts and design careers is $48,130. Creative occupations can be found in fields like visual arts, design, media, and communication. Potential careers include becoming a writer, sculptor, graphic designer, and interior designer.

Is artist a real job? ›

Being an artist is much more than just creating art: it is having that motivation to work as an all-round artist. I sell a lot of paintings a year, so it is really important that my logistics and art supplies remain well organised. I'm very grateful that my job is to be an independent artist.

Are art jobs in demand? ›

Overall employment of craft and fine artists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. About 5,900 openings for craft and fine artists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

Who is a fine artist? ›

A fine artist is someone who creates fine art pieces. Fine art usually includes one-of-a-kind pieces or limited editions. Types of mediums include painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

What is a good dream job? ›

Top 10 dream job ideas
  • Writer/author/critic. If you're a skilled wordsmith, just think of all the pleasurable ways you could earn a paycheck. ...
  • Actor/model/musician. ...
  • Pro athlete. ...
  • Entrepreneur/inventor/CEO. ...
  • Sommelier/food taster. ...
  • Doctor/lawyer. ...
  • Police officer. ...
  • Artist/illustrator.

What is a fun job? ›

12 of the most fun jobs in every field
  • Fashion consultant.
  • Radio announcer.
  • Brewmaster.
  • Pet groomer.
  • Novelist.
  • Race car driving instructor.
  • Food critic.
  • Event planner.

How do I know my interests? ›

A simple place to start in identifying your interests is to consider the activities, hobbies and topics that you enjoy and that naturally capture your attention. Identifying your interests can help you generate ideas of possible majors and career areas to further explore.

How do I choose a career as a student? ›

7 Essential Tips in Choosing a Career for Students
  1. Uncover your passion. ...
  2. Develop your skills. ...
  3. Present your WHY. ...
  4. Understand your values. ...
  5. Use your resources. ...
  6. Make sure your career is consistent with your coursework. ...
  7. Be willing to embrace change.
23 Mar 2020

How can I be more in my future career? ›

How to Future Proof Your Career
  1. Find an "Academy" Organization. ...
  2. Remain Tech-Savvy. ...
  3. Develop Skills to Carry With You. ...
  4. Think Globally. ...
  5. Keep a "Success Journal" ...
  6. Build Your Professional Network. ...
  7. Scan the Environment. ...
  8. Keep a Clear and Open Career Path.

How can I get a good job with no experience? ›

11 tips for getting a job without experience
  1. Educate yourself. Take classes, attend workshops, get certificates and diplomas, and if you have to, earn a degree. ...
  2. Start working (your way up) ...
  3. Work the Network. ...
  4. Let's draw! ...
  5. Become an expert in your field. ...
  6. Pick people's brains. ...
  7. Have a good story to tell. ...
  8. Revamp your CV.
16 Mar 2021

How do I find a job I don't hate? ›

How can I find a job I don't hate?
  1. Why Do I Hate My Job? ...
  2. Understand what REALLY makes you unhappy about your current (or past) situation. ...
  3. Identify your purpose at work in order to sustain motivation. ...
  4. Treat work like a hands-on course for learning the skills you want. ...
  5. Think about the kind of environment you flourish in.
11 Nov 2019

How do I find my dream job? ›

  1. Lead with Your Strengths.
  2. Evaluate Your Past to Avoid a Dead End.
  3. Talk to People to Learn What Your Dream Job Is.
  4. Take Classes First, Figure Out What Career You Want Later.
  5. Consider What Work Environment You Need.

Which is the most stressful job? ›

For the third year in a row, enlisted military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot, and police officer are the four most stressful occupations, according to CareerCast's annual Most Stressful Jobs report.

Which government job is easy? ›

1. RRB Group D: This is the first among the top five easiest government jobs which recruit candidates for Railway's Group D vacancies like Cabinman, Fitter, Helper, Gangman, etc. This exam consists of only two stages i.e. written test and physical efficiency test.

What is the #1 best job? ›

Here are the best jobs of 2022:
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physician Assistant.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager.
  • Software Developer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Financial Manager.

What are the 4 types of jobs? ›

4 Types of Jobs: Thinkers, Builders, Improvers, and Producers.

What is a successful career? ›

The traditional definition of career success is: “Career success is a combination of achieving a reasonable level of financial stability while doing work you enjoy and then finding that you are also happy and fulfilled with your life and career choices as well”.

What are the top highest paying jobs in the world? ›

The Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in the World
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • General Surgeon.
  • Senior Software Engineer.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Data Scientist.
  • IT Systems Manager.

Is getting an art degree worth it? ›

The median salary for arts and design careers is $48,130. Creative occupations can be found in fields like visual arts, design, media, and communication. Potential careers include becoming a writer, sculptor, graphic designer, and interior designer.

How can I make money with my art? ›

7 Different Ways To Earn Money With Your Artwork
  1. Sell Original Artwork.
  2. Sell Art Prints.
  3. Sell At An Art Fair.
  4. Make use of Instagram's shop tool.
  5. Open An Etsy Store For Your Art.
  6. Offer The Option Of Commissions.
  7. Licence Your Artwork.
  8. Making Money As An Artist Is A Process.

Is a master of fine arts worth it? ›

An MFA degree not only helps you grow as an artist, it can also assure your financial future—as the terminal professional fine arts degree, the MFA certifies you to teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. But there's a lot to consider when selecting where to get your MFA degree.

Can you make a living as an artist? ›

Despite the old adage, living as an artist–yes, a real fingers-in-the-paint kind of artist–is indeed a viable career option today. The recession and low employment rate have left many Americans with no other option but to stray from conventional 9-5 jobs and forge alternative career paths.

Is Fine Arts a good career? ›

Fine Arts is a good career for students who want to become designers. This is a great career for future writers and artists. There is a growing demand for talent in fine arts. You can have your own media agency.

What is the hardest art school to get into? ›

What is the hardest art school to get into? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the hardest art and design school with the lowest acceptance rate in the world.

Do art majors make money? ›

Recent research shows that 80% of art graduates obtain employment that is either closely or somewhat related to their education. An art degree gives you the ability to earn good money while doing work you have passion for - a feeling sadly missing in much of the modern workforce.

How do you become a rich artist? ›

Becoming wealthy as an artist will require equal parts artistic talent, marketing knowledge, and business savvy. Artists that treat their art like a business, and are always on the lookout for opportunities, are the one's likely to succeed.

How do I start my career as an artist? ›

How to Become a Professional Artist
  1. Hone Your Skills. The first and most important step in becoming a professional artist is to develop your skills. ...
  2. Test Your Work. ...
  3. Discover What You're Good At. ...
  4. Develop a Body of Work. ...
  5. Learn How to Photograph Artwork. ...
  6. Create a Basic Website. ...
  7. Start an Artwork Database. ...
  8. Build Your Resume.
23 Nov 2020

Why is it called a Bachelor of Arts? ›

Bachelor of arts (BA or AB; from the Latin baccalaureus artium, baccalaureus in artibus, or artium baccalaureus) is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate program in the arts, or, in some cases, other disciplines.

Which Master degree is best for arts students? ›

Have a look at some of the most popular MA programs below!
  • Masters of Arts Political Science.
  • Masters of Arts Theology.
  • Masters of Arts Teaching.
  • Masters of Arts Area studies.
  • Masters of Arts Media.
  • Masters of Arts International Relations.
  • Masters of Arts Cultural Studies.
  • Masters of Arts Communication.

Which is better BFA or BA? ›

Your choice between a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree will come down to your educational and career goals. With the BA, you'll take more liberal arts courses (general studies such as literature, history, etc.). With the BFA, you'll focus more on intensive art and design studies.

How can I live off my art? ›

Be friendly.
  1. Get your art seen. Because art that isn't out in the world isn't in any way friendly.
  2. Keep in touch with clients. ...
  3. Play with your paywall. ...
  4. Give away art. ...
  5. Accept donations. ...
  6. Price your art properly. ...
  7. Avoid the hard sell. ...
  8. Protect yourself.
10 Oct 2015


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