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It may be surprising to hear that 90.63% of all online content gets no organic traffic from Google. That’s why it is impossible to overstate the importance of SEO. Whoever has any form of online presence needs to implement SEO strategies in order to keep their head above the water.

There are plenty of agencies online that provide SEO services and software. But what if you’re a marketing agency that wants to offer (more) SEO solutions but lacks the time or expertise? In that scenario, white label SEO tools can do the trick.

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A white label SEO tool is a regular SEO tool but rebrandable. This means that you can obtain it from a provider and present it as your own. In digital marketing, white labeling has become standard practice as no one has the time nor resources to develop sophisticated software from scratch. Nor do they have to do it. With so many white label options on the market, you just need to pick the best one.

After you find out how Google actually works (yes, there’s a catch there) and find the SEO tools that you like, you can customize them to a tee to carry your brand’s logo and markings. You may use them to perform analysis for your clients and provide SEO services to them or resell them further (maybe even both).

Benefits of using white label SEO tools

Here are a couple of benefits to using white label SEO tools:

  1. Offer great tools under your brand

  2. Be ready for an increase in demand

  3. Broaden your set of services

  4. Get access to innovations

Offer great tools under your brand

If you partner with a white label provider, you’ll get advanced tools that will be branded as your business’ own. You can then offer these products to your clients and watch their satisfaction grow. This is a lot cheaper than having your in-house team develop completely new tools. You get to build your reputation on someone else’s expertise.

Be ready for an increase in demand

Whether you provide services or products to your clients, once the demand goes up, you need to be ready. The fastest and most cost-effective way to respond to a sudden surge of interest both among your regular clients and prospects is to take advantage of white label products. A tried-and-tested product made by experts is a fool-proof way not to let your customers down.

Broaden your set of services

Even if you’re not an SEO agency, you could profit from adding SEO services and products to your portfolio. Everyone needs SEO, so it’s not a matter of whether you’ll get new clients this way, but how many you’ll attract. There are certain things you can do to get the fastest SEO results, and investing in high-quality tools is one of them. If you are an SEO agency, shopping for new, ready products you can make use of is a must.

Top 7 White Label SEO Tools You Can Resell For Huge Profits - Sell SaaS (2)

There are a host of different SEO tools, but ultimately, they all boil down to these five:

  1. White label SEO audit tools

  2. White label SEO analysis tools

  3. White label SEO reporting tools

  4. White label SEO dashboards

  5. White label SEO platforms

White label SEO audit tools

Anyone who offers SEO services has to perform SEO auditing. This means doing a health-check of a website. As a site is a company’s digital presence, it has to be properly maintained. Sites are usually active, so their pulse changes in time. That’s why regular audits are essential.

Some marketing agencies offer SEO audits free of charge as a way to generate leads. No matter whether your auditing services are free or paid, you need to have proper tools. Audit tools make the process much quicker and the results more precise. Automation that comes with them makes it possible to analyze hundreds of different SEO elements in no time.

If you choose the right white label SEO audit tool, you’ll be one step closer to gaining your customers’ complete trust. Here are some things to consider when trying to choose the right tool for you:

  • How many different SEO elements does it analyze?

  • Are audit reports easy to explore?

  • Do audits result in actionable tips?

White label SEO analysis tools

A white label SEO analysis tool or analytics tool should be able to integrate data from various sources and offer various methods for analyzing and sorting data. These tools should integrate different data types, such as:

  • Keyword research

  • Backlink analysis

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  • Organic and advertising research

  • Competitor analysis, etc.

When searching for a great white label analytics tool, you should look for those that offer highly customizable analytics solutions. Different businesses prefer different types of analyses. Some only want a great keyword research tool, while others are more interested in backlink monitoring and analysis. This means that the tool you choose should be versatile.

White label SEO reporting tools

Reporting is a crucial element of any SEO campaign and maybe even the most important one for your clients. If you offer SEO services to a client who is not SEO-savvy, the reports on their progress should be clean and digestible for them.

Analytics and other SEO tools offer reporting options, but there are also tools that primarily focus on reporting. You can choose either, depending on what you already have in your repertoire and what your clients need.

A great white label SEO reporting tool should be able to successfully mash data from various sources. Reporting should be highly automated, which means your tools should be able to automatically generate valuable and insightful reports. They should also schedule regular reports and offer the option of creating reusable templates. The structure and look of reports should be customizable to meet your clients’ wants.

White label SEO dashboards

SEO dashboards usually combine all of the above options and more. They represent the best way of showcasing all the relevant data your client may need. A dashboard is a single place where your clients can keep track of their performance indicators, reports, analyses, and more.

You can choose to display data elegantly through tables and charts or provide full reports. You should be able to fully customize the look of the dashboard to fit your client’s brand. White label dashboards usually come with a range of widgets and templates to help you make your product more easily.

Here are some of the features to look for in white label SEO dashboards:

  • Customizable design

  • Easy to build and use

  • Customizable URL

  • Ready templates

  • Mobile-friendly

White label SEO platforms

Instead of adding tool by tool, you may decide to white label a whole SEO platform. This is a smart decision as, this way, you’ll get a full platform by a single provider where all the elements fit each other perfectly.

A white label SEO platform can be added to your site as a subdomain. If it’s fully customizable (right to the domain name), your clients will never know that you didn’t develop it yourself. An SEO platform should host a variety of tools and reporting options for your clients to choose from. These platforms are usually not just tool kits, but intricate systems where your clients can order services and communicate with the support.

SEO platforms tend to provide additional offerings, such as:

  • Content and website creation

  • Link building

  • PPC services

  • Social media marketing, and more.

In other words, if you’re a full-on marketing agency, having an organized SEO platform is an absolute must.

White label SEO tool

What to look for

SEO audit tool

  • Range of SEO elements considered

  • Easy-to-explore audit reports

  • Actionable tips and insights

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SEO analytics tool

  • A variety of data types

  • Various data sources integration

  • Customizable analytics solutions

SEO reporting tool

  • Highly automated

  • Regular automated reports

  • Customizable reports

  • Templates

SEO dashboard

  • Easy to build and use

  • Fully customizable

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Templates and widgets

SEO platform

How to find the right white label SEO tools provider

As you’ll soon be offering someone else’s products (potentially services as well) to your clients, you need to get to know your white label provider as best as possible. This might seem like a daunting task, but it is actually easy to do. You just need to know what to look for:

  1. Transparency

  2. Cost-effectiveness

  3. Reviews

  4. Customer support


If your provider is reputable and reliable, they won’t have anything to hide. You can go to their website and learn everything you need to know there. You should be able to request case studies or ask for client referrals. If a provider tries to weasel out of providing you with this kind of information, you should avoid them. No one would miss a chance to present the successful results of their work to prospects. Refusing to do so means there are no results to showcase.


Before you settle for someone, be sure to scout the market and compare prices. Even if your provider offers everything you’ve dreamed of and more, there may be someone out there who offers the same at a much lower price. Doing some research before the purchase can save you tons of money in the long run.


No matter how good a company is at managing reviews, if their tools are substandard, you’ll be able to read about it online. You should steer clear of the first-party reviews on their website (these are carefully selected and moderated), and search for real user experiences on third-party sites. Some of the websites that offer extensive software reviews are Capterra and G2.

Customer support

White label tools providers usually offer support for those tools. Your clients won’t be aware of the fact that your agency is not behind it. This means that if their customer support is unsatisfactory, your clients’ complaints will be directed at you. You’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to reassure your customers and help them out yourself, and you probably won’t know how. That’s why you should test the provider’s support before you opt for their products. They should be able to answer any question and do so promptly.

We assembled a list of tried-and-trusted white label tools for you to check out:

  1. Sell SaaS

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  2. WebCEO

  3. SEMRush

  4. AuthorityLabs

  5. DashThis

  6. SERanking

  7. BrightLocal

Sell SaaS

At Sell SaaS, we offer a variety of SaaS solutions that you can set up in a minute and start reselling right away. Every product is fully customizable, and you won’t have to worry about the technical aspect of it as we take care of everything backstage. All of our products are lead generation oriented, which means they are perfect for anyone.

If you’re an SEO agency, you may be interested in our domain leads software, which gives you an insight into new websites and domains created each day. This way, you can offer your services to those who are yet to establish their online presence. You get all the contact info of fresh businesses so that you can offer them your SEO software and services before anyone else.


Whether you want an SEO platform for your in-house team or want to resell it to your clients, WebCEO is a great option. It’s one of the oldest white label SEO providers out there, and their reputation speaks for themselves.

With a white label domain feature, you can set a custom domain or subdomain that will host all the useful tools. The tools they offer are numerous and include everything your clients may need, from keyword research to backlink quality check. WebCEO’s integrations include Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you can tap into massive data sources.

One of the downsides of WebCEO is that it may be expensive for some. They also have a free plan, but it is extremely limited.


SEMRush is a huge collection of SEO tools. They may be one of the best-known SEO tools providers out there. Many people don’t realize that they also have white label options. You don’t even have to read reviews about SEMRush as their reputation is spotless.

SEMRush is great for analytics and reporting because it includes a range of valuable data sources. The dashboards they provide are intuitive and simple to use. There’s no limit to what you can do with their tool kit. You can even spy on the analytics and advertising campaigns of your competitors.

Even their free plan is much better than what many other premium plans offer. Beware that you won’t be able to use a large portion of their best features if you opt for it.


AuthorityLabs offers one of the best analytics tools in the market. If you’re in search of a tool that can provide you with location-based SEO data, AuthorityLabs is a great choice. You can get location-specific data on keywords categorized by city, zip code, and similar.

Their reports and analyses can be fully customized to suit your clients’ needs, from looks to data collection methods. You can also get device-specific data and learn what keywords are used by mobile users.

They offer a 30-day free trial with no strings attached. You can use a full set of features for the plan you choose to test.


DashThis is a white label SEO dashboard builder that makes it easy for SEO agencies to present relevant data to their clients. This tool can help you organize your reports and analyses elegantly and in a way that’s easy to read. Everything is customizable. You can brand a dashboard with the logo of your client or your own. You can even have a custom URL.

There is an option to clone your already existing dashboards and apply them to other clients. You can add numerous SEO integrations, such as Google Analytics, Moz, Ahrefs, etc. Apart from SEO-related info, you can add social media, PPC, and other data to your dashboards.


SERanking offers a white label cloud-based SEO platform with numerous tools you can present as your own. Everything is completely customizable, and you can even create performance-based invoices for your clients.

You can create automatic or manual reports, perform website audits, compare your website with your competitors, monitor your backlinks, and much more. Another plus is the fact that the SERanking platform integrates with Google Analytics, and they offer their own API. Aside from having many amazing SEO tools and options, it is also super affordable.


BrightLocal is all about local SEO. If your clients run local businesses or provide location-specific services, BrightLocal has excellent options for them. The tools they offer can help them rank locally.

You can get custom SEO reports and control which data your clients can see. The reports are easily downloadable. BrightLocal also offers review monitoring, which means you can also help your clients take their reputation into their own hands. You can also perform comparative local search analyses so that your clients can stay at the top of their game.

So far, they have limited coverage, catering mostly to businesses in the U.S. and a couple of other countries.

White label SEO tool

What it offers


Sell SaaS

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SaaS solutions

  • Fully customizable

  • Easily set up

  • Great for any kind of business


Full SEO platform

  • Fully customizable

  • Great integrations


Full SEO tool kit

  • Numerous features

  • Great free plan

  • Amazing reports


Great SEO analytics tools

  • Fully customizable

  • Location-specific

  • Device-specific


SEO dashboard builder

  • Fully customizable

  • Numerous integrations

  • Many widgets and features


Cloud-based SEO platform

  • Fully customizable

  • Performance-based invoicing

  • A variety of features


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Local SEO tools


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